Subterranean Knight

Influenced by his passion for early House and Techno, Subterranean Knight seeks to imbue his four-track Album Just Add Volume with an infectious feel-good atmosphere.

Having formed a personal and lifelong relationship with both dance music and DJing from a young age, Subterranean Knight transposes this affection throughout his four-track album Just Add Volume. Littered with catchy vocal samples, composite instrumental textures and hard hitting four on the floor drums, Just Add Volume has the makeup of a resolute dance album.

Having DJ’d at numerous house parties and events, Subterranean Knight is used to performing in front of a live demographic whilst also maintaining an online appeal via his releases across a number of platforms. Hoping to create an album that is both universally danceable and well sought out by DJ’s, Subterranean Knight breaches the gap between the producer and the dance floor.

Having dedicated the last 12 monthly solely to the production and arrangement of Just Add Volume, Subterranean Knight has directed particular attention to detail which is apparent throughout the four tracks. Backed by the superlative mixing and mastering work of both Frank Xavier and Ben Feggans, coupled with the smooth sultry vocals of Miss Lee, Just Add Volume is set to make an impact.

Continued experience performing live alongside a growing social media presence will allow Subterranean Knight to access his desired demographic across a number of mediums. Just Add Volume is set to release on the 1st of August 2018 and will be available via a number of major platforms.

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