The world’s biggest fast-food chain Subway is facing a lawsuit for allegedly lying to its customers about their well-known footlong subs.

Lawsuits claim Subway is selling subs that are actually 11 inches long. The suit, filed by two New Jersey men earlier this week, may be the first legal case aimed at the sandwich chain following the release of a photo on the company’s Facebook page showing the sandwich was not the size it had initially advertised.

Subway has said the sub length can vary a bit when franchises do not bake to the exact standards. Stephen DeNittis, the lawyer for the plaintiffs in the New Jersey suit, said he’s seeking class-action status and is also preparing to file a similar suit in a Pennsylvania state court.

He said he’s had sandwiches from 17 shops measured — and every one came up short. “The case is about holding companies to deliver what they’ve promised,” he said. DeNittis is also seeking compensatory damages for his clients and a change in Subway’s practices.

What are your thoughts on Subway being sued?