Keisha Buchanan is a member of the UK’s biggest girl band The Sugababes. Flavour had a chat with the singer about the groups involvement in the talent competition Hugo Boss Urban Rules.

HUGO URBAN RULES is a campaign designed to reach out and invest in new talent. If you could give one message to new artists to help them break into the music scene what would it be?
Use the time at HUGO URBAN RULES to really learn. Come open minded and be different. You can really learn a lot from being around different artists and picking up good habits such as how to speak, how to carry yourself and how to be a performer. I always believe if you’re positive to other people, it’ll eventually come back to you.

How does it feel to officially be the biggest girl band in the UK? How did you celebrate? Did you ever think you would sell 10 million records?
It feels great – it’s a huge achievement. I remember back in the day coming home in my school uniform then going straight to the studio. My parents would travel with me because we needed a chaperone. It’s amazing to think back to where we’ve come from and where we are now, and to be still going strong. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do all my life, it’s been a long journey with lots of ups and downs but I’m proud to be part of it.

You guys have been in the spotlight from a very young age, what has been the biggest lesson you have learnt?
I’m very selfless when it comes to the group, I make everything about the group. I don’t care that I was the original member, it’s group effort and everyone has to be made to feel important in their own way. You need to except everyone is different and accept that everybody has strengths and weaknesses.

What has been the best piece of advice someone has given you?
My mum always says to keep God first and remain positive. Not many people know that we were dropped by our first label, written-off, but God keeps on giving us 9 lives. We’ve been though two line up changes, and we’re still here and still going strong.

When did you think to yourself ‘I’ve made it!’

I remember being on the bus with Mutya and there were a couple of girls pointing at us saying ‘There’s that girl from that video.’ They weren’t looking at me, they were talking about Mutya but I remember when we got off the bus they shouted ‘There’s the other one!’ It was just so surreal and I was only 14.

Along with all the perks of being a successful girl group, there must have been pitfalls. What’s the worst sacrifice that you have had to make?
Definitely my personal life. It was really hard when there were parties and functions that I couldn’t go to. I’m still cut up that I couldn’t go to the Year 9 School Disco.

Being tabloid favourites, how do you remain cool and calm when stories are written about your personal life?
It’s really difficult to read stuff about you that has been exaggerated. I’ve cried about it and thought I don’t want to do this if this is what comes with it, but at the same time it’s the greatest job in the world. You just have to deal with it and again, know yourself.

As a pop band with an urban edge, how do you keep on to your credibility?
We’re really lucky that our record company lets us be creative. We don’t try and be credible; we’ve just always been us. We started out as three girls from the Estate. What you see, is what you get.

When you are involved with HUGO URBAN RULES you will help to choose someone to have their track recorded and released, what kind of factors will you be looking for in that lucky person or group?
It’s really nice to hear artists’ backgrounds, but not sob stories. I don’t think anyone who comes out with the line ‘I want to be famous’ will get too far, because unfortunately the market is saturated with that kind of mentality at the moment – it’s all about being famous and not selling the records. We’re looking for that vibe and that hunger, like when we first came out.

It’s no secret that your boyfriend Dean is part of former HUGO URBAN RULES winning duo DT & Kandy. Would you have picked him if you were judging the campaign back then?
Yeah I would and not because Dean’s my boyfriend! DT and Kandy are really talented and haven’t stopped going. I’m actually getting Dean to remix some of our tracks because he’s really into his Bassline and D’n’B at the moment.

The winner of HUGO URBAN RULES will warm up for you at an exclusive invite only gig taking place in London this December. How do you prepare yourself for live performances and what tips would you share with the winner?
You need to go out there and show people why you were picked out from all the finalists. You should check YouTube to see us when we first performed at the MOBOs, we were so shy, it was so bad, but that’s why when we did it again this year we went all out. Use this opportunity to show everyone what you can do, and why you should be there.

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