autum inspired makeup

It’s Autumn! The weather has turned, it’s getting colder outside and the clocks have gone back. WHY!!! I’m not ready yet. On the other hand it means I can delve into the autumnal colours of my make up palettes to create this seasonal makeup look.

Here’s a simple Glam and very seasonal look. I used a selection of sleek palettes for the eyeshadows.  Some were limited edition so I thought it best if I talked more about my colour choice rather than specific eyeshadows I used.


autumn eyeshadow

This would look great without the green underneath the eye for a more subtle look. I chose these plums and wine tones to represent the turning of the autumn leaves, and the teal green underneath just to bring a really earthy touch to the look.

  • Take a deep warm brown eyeshadow and apply to the outer corner of the eye following along the crease of the eye.
  • Blend this out a fair bit with a soft fluffy blending brush
  • Take a deep plum colour and apply the all over the outer half of the eye. and above the crease line
  • Blend this out again, the more the better, for a soft sultry look
  • Add a rose gold colour to the inner  half of the eyelid
  • For underneath the eye use a teal green eyeliner
  • On top of that, place a grassy green eyeshadow, to set the eyeliner and soften the look  up
  • Line the waterline with a black eye pencil
  • Use a liquid liner for the top of the lash line
  • Apply Mascara
  • For the cheeks add a light shimmery pink blush
  • For the lips: My new  Matte Lipstick from soap and Glory called Pom Pom,

autumn inspired makeup

Ta Daaaaa! I am ready! No more will I feel miserable about my lost summer when I get to rock my sultry Rioja wine eye’s and lips. Yum

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Written by the effervescent Tilly Li