Laughter fills the air as Supreme Skaters Elite aka S.S.E’s infectious spirit sets the studio alight on their photoshoot for Flavour. With their colourful image of clothes, Bauers and customised skates this rollerskating crew exudes creativity and style. Give them a beat and S.S.E will get their skates on with style and roll to it. You can catch them doing exactly that every Thursday at their event Wheels in Motion held at The Renaissance Rooms Skating Arena in Vauxhall. Here they fill us in on how they are rapidly bringing the lifestyle of skaters mainstream.

Supreme Skaters Elite began with four friends – Kae, Dee, Yazmin and Smerrf – wanting to use skating as a way of fighting the stereotype of street trouble-makers. Starting ‘Skate Hard or Walk Yard’ every Sunday in Sydenham Carpark, an opportunity for skaters to have fun and learn tricks together, the four became appreciated, and S.S.E formed. Kae, the connector for the majority of S.S.E’s links explains, “There is a world out there doing positive things for the youth of tomorrow, and S.S.E are part of that world.”

Dedicated to excel, the crew work non-stop. S.S.E’s clothes designer and professional skater Candice, is very optimistic about their future. Studying with British Roller Sports Federation with a Level Two qualification, Candice has been teaching for three years. “Right now S.S.E are approaching councils to fund after-school skating clubs. With all my knowledge I would love to give something back to children in communities.”

What’s for sure is that S.S.E are on the right track. Yazmin promotes to universities, whilst Dee talks to youths on the streets. Taking the UK skating scene to a new level, Smerrf not only handles the digital aspect of things, he organises charity events. S.S.E recently raised money for Children in Need by participating in an 80-mile-long skate.

But Supreme Skaters Elite are no ordinary crew; there’s more to them – literally. Within this crew, are three other groups – Elite Ladies, Finest of Rollers and Skate Lisa. Each group have their own edge. Troy from Elite Ladies sees her group as free spirited. ‘We’re sophisticated ladies showing that it’s not just the guys that have an ability to skate – us girls can too. We add a little elegance to the scene.’ Part of the up-and-coming girl group Rough Diamond, Troy would love S.S.E to feature in music videos.

Rob, a member of Finest of Rollers tells of how his group is all about confidence. ‘Using skating tricks is what we enjoy doing the most. We encourage skaters to think outside the box and not to give up even if they fall over at first.’ It was F.O.R’s skilful performances that caught Charly’s and Kaylie’s eyes and made them both want to join. Charly says, ‘Balancing at first was difficult but now I dance and do my thing on the skates.’ Kaylie adds, ‘When you practise, everyone is so supportive. Friendship is the main thing for Finest of Rollers.’ Reno, F.O.R’s founder says, ‘We have no limits. We’re always looking for new ways to push our skills.’

Skate Lisa, nicknamed the Godmother of S.S.E, could write a book on all the amazing experiences she’s had with her group over the last 20 years. Lisa remains modest despite the long list of celebrities she has performed for, taught and worked with. Solange Knowles, DMX, Cameron Diaz, Princess Beatrice and Randy Jackson are only a few. ‘I’ve had my limelight,’ Lisa says. “It’s time for S.S.E now and I’m guiding and supporting them all the way.”

Supreme Skaters Elite are the definition of ambition, and a crew to look out for. Every Thursday night they hold the vibrant event Wheels of Motion at Vauxhall’s Renaissance Rooms, expanding the club’s clientèle on the night from 150 to 480. Dean, a passionate member of S.S.E says, ‘Wheels of Motion is not about skaters battling – we don’t care about competitiveness.’ Liam says, “It’s about having fun and enjoying the weekly raffles with prize giveaways.” So if you want to have fun and experience this new way of socialising and keeping fit, head down to Renaissance Rooms on a Thursday night.

Supreme Skaters Elite are proof that anything you put your mind to, you can achieve. With hard work and determination, S.S.E have created something that is constructive and yet still fun and crazy. Check them out now – join their Facebook group and watch their Night Skates videos on YouTube as they skate through the whole of the 02 arena, guards chasing them and all!

Words by Melissa Lewars Photography by Kart Photography and G Fabulous