Our photographer at large SNHFOTO sat down with the lovely Susie Woffenden who after winning 3rd place in the WBFF European Championships in Denmark earlier this year… is now on a misson  to bring a more competitive package to the WBFF World Championships in Las Vegas this year.

IMG_8810You look like you are in great shape! What is your secret?
Unfortunately there is no secret…. great shape comes with consistency and intensity 😉 There is a misconception that intensity translates to spending lots and lots of time in the gym but NO!! With the right intensity of weight… less can be more. Your body is one unit of energy so use it wisely by focusing it into less time, less time, less reps BUT more intensity… I rarely work for more than 30 secs at a time.

What is your favourite healthy snack?
Nuts are great source of energy for me, I always have a good supply of macadamia, brazil and walnuts in my cupboard which all have a high omega 3:6 ratio.

Would you say you eat healthily?
Yes, I do not crave junk or processed food. I was brought up on very balanced home cooked meals and this has stayed with me. I never restrict anything that I am not prepared to cut out on a permanent basis… and when I crave a sweet treat such as chocolate I will always choose a good quality dairy/sugar free high cacao option.

How often do you work out?
To work at the right level of intensity to achieve results, rest is as important as working out so on average I will train 5 days a week allowing 2 full rest days.

IMG_9692If you could give our readers tip to stay healthy, what would it be?
Embrace changes as part of your lifestyle. Fad and quick fix diets do not work… consistency is key and long term change does not happen over night. Cutting corners in the short run will only result on yoyo effects but if you build up strong foundations you will be set for life. Become strong and train for your lifestyle and you will enjoy all the benefits by feeling and looking younger.

Can you cook? If so what is your dish of choice?
Yes, I love cooking. It is always very non-fussy food but simplicity is always best. It is hard to beat a heart chicken and sweet potato curry made with coconut milk.

What is your favourite type of cuisine? E.g. Chinese,Italian,Thai?
I tend to stay very basic in terms of cuisine but if I had to choose then the lime, lemongrass and chilli flavours used in Thai cooking always make my mouth water!

Tell us about your exercise regime.
First of all… I never exercise… I TRAIN!! Exercise is movement with no to little intensity…. and this includes long distance running. If I run… I sprint. If I am using weights I make sure I am moving the weight against gravity with intensity. Everything is based on lifestyle and uses the movements we need in our everyday lives… sit, stand, push and pull. I have never entertained any gimmick equipment of tricks/skills…. give me a pair of dumbbells and I am a happy girl 😉

Do you take any supplements?
I supplement with a protein shake with an added simple carb post training but not every time…. if I can get my macros from REAL food, this is always my preference. I have also found good results with taking a Creatine supplement both in terms of recovery but also building strength to allow me to train with higher intensity, recruit more muscle fibres… and through the process burn more calories!

How do you wind down after a stressful day?
Doing what I love doing most… TRAINING! If I am not in the gym, I normally wind down in a hot bath filled with epsom salts… I am asleep pretty much straight away!

IMG_8815Everyone’s allowed a treat, so what is your guilty pleasure food?
Well on the basis that pretty much all my food… even my treats are ‘clean’… I would have to say coffee. It is the one thing that I find hard to control… anything in moderation can never be a bad thing but wow… I could drink coffee all day long!

What gives you confidence?
Building a strong body requires a strong mind to keep pushing those boundaries and takes the body to the next level. Confidence comes with a strong mind, being sure of who you are, what you stand for and how you choose to live your life. I used to make excuses for not conforming with society norms but my strength has given me the confidence to say.. take me or leave me.

How do you stay organised?
List of lists of lists… I must be only girl who still carries a filofax but it becomes my bible.

Do you have a workout buddy?
I love working out with like minded people… I am lucky to be a member of a gym where there are some amazing group classes that attract a similar mind set to my own…. there is always the same core of people who attend and we have all become close and I regard some as my closest friends now. Sharing passions for similar things create bonds very quickly.

What food could you not live without?
Coconut oil… I use it in and on everything… including my coffee!

What do you think of alternative therapies such as homeopathy,reflexology etc?
I am a big believer in alternative therapies… I will always choose to avoid poisoning my body with traditional medicine and explore alternative first which my body responds very well too. Massages whilst often can be seen as an indulgence are essential for muscle growth and recovery.

What is your motto for your life?
I copy the motto from my biggest inspiration who is also my trainer… Fitzroy Gaynes… he is the embodiment of ‘stay strong, stay young’ which serves as the foundation for his principals on Lifestyle Training.

What motivates you?
Fitness to me is a journey not just a destination so I am always working towards the next challenge or goal… this keeps me motivated and focussed. My inspiration and motivation also comes from people I admire.

What music is on your workout playlist?
Tiesto and Swedish House Mafia are always my ‘go to’ music when I need a little push. Music immediately connects me to memories so I always have tracks on my ipod from holiday or happy associations.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start working out?
Unless you are training for a specific sport, then take it back to basics… work with weights across 4 simple Lifestyle movements… sit, stand, push and pull. And if you do only one exercise… you can not beat the squat!

Photography by SNHFOTO.com