Appalling images of Sweden’s Minister of Culture carving into a cake created in the form of a black woman are sweeping the internet.

The unusual incident occurred on Saturday in the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. The Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth participated in an event at the museum that involved several cake designs by artists, including one which depicts an African tribal woman’s breasts, stomach and vaginal areas.

Liljeroth, who is pictured smiling whilst cutting into the cake, has sparked anger and fury amongst blacks all over the world after the photos first surfaced. According to the museum, the cake was supposed to “highlight the issue of female circumcision.” However, the Association for African Swedes said it was a racist caricature and called for the Minister to resign.

The artist behind the cake, Makode Linde, who is black and was born in Sweden, said the work had been misunderstood. He told the BBC: “his art had tackled different prejudices and ideas of oppression for many years.”

What are you thoughts? Do you think the Minister of Culture should resign? Or was this a bit of humour gone horribly wrong?