The trend for celebrating your 16th birthday, in an extravagant fashion much like the US, is slowly working its way over to the UK, as we start to hold bigger parties and buy bigger gifts to commemorate the age.

18 and 21 are still the biggest birthdays to celebrate in the UK, followed (begrudgingly) by 30, 40, 50 and so on. At 16, you are still unable to buy alcohol or drive a car, but can do a little more without the permission of parents such as ride a moped, leave school, earn minimum wage and order a passport.

So what do you buy this young person, who now feels like they have the world in their hands?

5. Sweet wheels
You might be a little apprehensive about handing over a two-wheeled speed machine, but at the age of 16 you can only ride a 50cc moped, with potential to reach a speed of 30mph, so you shouldn’t get into any trouble and will steer clear of the motorway. Be sure to buy this generous gift from a reputable bike dealer, such as Metropolis Motorcycles, who can advise you on the best make and model for the new 16 year old to enjoy.

Bear in mind that this bike must have a learner plate attached and that they must undertake Compulsory Basic Training, then a theory and practical test within two years.

4. Sweet saving
After mopeds come cars (if you’re feeling giving) so why not buy them a big money pot, which can only be opened by smashing it, to help them save up for driving lessons or even a car, the following year?

3. Sweetly wrapped
A gift basket works well for both boys and girls and you can fill it with 16 presents that you know they will love. Encourage them to get out of the house with friends and start gaining some independence with gift vouchers for restaurants, the cinema, and bowling.

At this age teens also start to care about how they look, so put together a basket with lots of styling products for them to try out, think straighteners and eye shadows for girls and hair gel and aftershave for boys.

2. Sweet makeover
Send them away for a couple of days to stay with relatives or arrange for a friend’s parent to invite them over for a weekend long sleepover and while they are away completely re-decorate their room to complement their new more grown up status.

Put all their toys in a box, somewhere they can still be accessed and looked at, they might be on their way to adulthood but they will still enjoy a bit of nostalgia now and then.

Make them clean out their room the week before though so you don’t come across anything embarrassing whilst clearing out ready for decorating.

1. Sweet activities
The whole family can enjoy an experience day, just check that those taking part don’t need to be 18 or over. Extreme sports activity days usually have an age restriction, due to the dangerous nature of the activity or law. Simply go for something fun, which they won’t have tried before such as a Segway lesson or hire out a sports hall and play a game of Bubble football.

So now all that’s left to do is watch their excited faces when they open your gift and then cut that cake!