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Sydney MC Sam Hunter returns after the success of his previous single ‘Get Acquitted’ featuring NYC rapper Ruste Juxx, Sam Hunter launches his new single ‘Let Me In’ produced by Ruckas.

‘Let Me In’ is a smooth hip-hop track about having a fling and wanting more from the other person. Something the rapper believes our generation are all too familiar with. 

On the single, Hunter said “You explore places together, cultures, food and are so amazed by how well things are going until that mutual feelings starts fading away, only to become what is known as the ‘Friend Zone.’ You can’t do anything about it and feel like you are apart of some cruel reality TV prank show,”

“All this happens in the blink of an eye & feels like you were together on the weekend as a couple, and by Monday you are merely friends! Now you have the perfect song to relate to! And trust, you are not alone,” he said. 

The last few years have been a progressive journey for Hunter, with each release he becomes stronger as an artist and is exactly the type of rapper that should be guiding the next generation.

Hunter’s determination is to never back down from a challenge and has a desire to have his voice heard. Hunter is renowned for his versatile, energetic style that he delivers through his live performances and studio recordings. 

Sam’s previous releases include “Get Acquitted,” “World At My Feet,” produced by Francis Bingham and ‘The Once A Week EP.’


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