The uber talented Sydney multi-instrumentalist Byron Mark is back again and has released a Jazz filled track dubbed ‘Roamin Gnome’ featuring Jade Lumbewe.

‘Romain Gnome’ is a playful track infusing Jazz tunes with a quirky edge.

Byron keeps true to his roots by playing an upright piano and a cajon with various interesting percussion nic-nax. While Jade’s stunning jazz tone completes the track by melodically telling the story of the gnomes adventure.

The tongue-in-cheek track also features two of Byron’s good musician friends; David Reaston on electric guitar and Daniel Sing on double bass.

The lyrical inspiration came from reading an article of a gnome being ‘borrowed’ from his garden and taken all around the world before being returned to his owner with a photo album of all his adventures.

The playful 3D video which features the gnome going on an adventure was created by Adam Williamson at AWOLproductions.





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