Sydney multi-instrumentalist Byron Mark has released a classical flamenco inspired track dubbed ‘Piano Dance.’

After years of gigging and collaborations Byron decided to compose music of his own, which is where ‘Piano Dance’ was born.

Purely instrumental, ‘Piano Dance’ was born through an initial improvisation. Produced and written by Byron, he uses various instruments to create his sonic vision, featuring the Piano, Cello, Cajon (Spanish box-drum) and Dun-duns (African bass drums).

The title ‘Piano Dance’ has a few hidden messages. The piano melodies move quite fast in the piece with flowing rhythms as if Byron’s fingers are ‘dancing’ on the piano.

The track also features flamenco rhythms, through the driving presence of the Cajon and palmas (flamenco clapping), effortlessly intertwining the flamenco dancers within his music.


Piano Dance





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