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SYS Presents Boss Lady Workshop London Take-Over at Grow Hackney on the 24th March 2019.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Director of Public Relations firm Stimulated Media and creator of music blog Stimulate Your Soul Margaret Tra is holding a workshop night for the Boss Ladies who are want to enter the music and creative industry. 

On the night women will be able to connect with other like-minded women to empower and push each other ahead. The workshop will teach women how to keep a business in the ever-growing creative industry. How to make your mark as a woman in the business world. Not only will you learn the necessary skills to start a new project but you will have fun doing it as well. It’s about turning your passion into something structural – a business through personal experiences and not some ‘entrepreneur’ BS talk, real women, running real businesses.

The workshop will run from 7-9pm, with special guests local Queens Melissa Kains from SISU and Rishma Dhaliwal from I Am Hip Hop Magazine on a panel discussing their journey through the industry.

From 9-12pm we’ll be having an open decks for female DJs, if you would like to participate please do shoot us an email with time slot and mix links. This time-slot is open to the public.

As the number of participants will be selected to ensure the quality of the program, please notify us or your attendance.

Maggie Tra

From tastemaker behind the scenes, to pushing her way to the front, DJing marked a natural progression for Maggie Tra. Her background in music stems over several years, starting out as the founder of SYS (Stimulate Your Soul) music blog, which put roots for Maggie as she’s been active in the music industry for over seven years, and continues to support the local and international musicians through her blog, radio, publicity company Stimulated Media and now on the dance-floor.

Melissa Kains – SISU

Melissa Kains is the creator of women platform SISU. Sisu is an artistic community providing a platform to showcase womxn in electronic music.  We enable this through DJ courses, events, mix series, radio shows and acting as a booking agency for artists involved. The core aims are to diversify male-dominated industries and to build accessible creative spaces. Melissa is also a DJ that goes under the moniker Malissa and has played gigs at Boomtown Fair, Noisily festival and Fiese Remise in Berlin. Supported the likes of James Ruskin, Violent Blondes, Ben Pest, Max Graef, Breakwave, Kim Ann Foxman and Alex T.

Rishama Dhaliwal – I Am Hip Hop

Rishma Dhaliwal is a journalist, writer, PR and marketing consultant. With over 10 years experience in the media and music industry she has successfully founded I AM HIP HOP MAGAZINE, started her own marketing brand and co-founded No Bounds a charity that seeks to empower young people. Currently working as a marketing manager for one of the world’s biggest Bollywood TV channels and working daily on her own brands, she is on a mission to provide a strong platform for real Hip-Hop to live, breathe and grow. 

Donation Fee: £5.00

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