The music video for “No Mediocre,” which was directed by Director X, who has worked with Drake, Ciara, Justin Bieber, and Rick Ross, among others, and helmed Iggy Azalea’s hit video, “Fancy.” was filmed on location in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil perfect for the World Cup 2014.

The pursuit of excellence just got a theme song – with three-time Grammy winning superstar T.I. raising everyone’s game with the impending release of his Grand Hustle/RCA Records official debut single,“No Mediocre,” featuring Australian rapper-and-T.I. protege Iggy Azalea.

The single comes on the heels of much buzz for T.I.’s street-release of “About The Money,” available on iTunes and features Young Thug. But make no mistake – “No Mediocre” is T.I.’s definitive inaugural statement from his upcoming ninth studio album, with the rapper commenting recently in an interview on Fuse that the song is a clear denouncement of ‘mediocrity altogether!’

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