Sunday, September 22, 2019
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Cockney vs Zombies

Cockneys vs zombies is a horror comedy adventure which is being distributed in the UK this summer. A family rob a bank in order...

New Movie: The Man Inside ft Bashy

The Man Inside stars Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas, David Harewood (Homeland), Peter Mulligan and Michelle Ryan (Eastenders). Clayton Murdoch 'Bashy' carries a terrible darkness inside...

The Veteran: Bashy Goes to war

The UK music scene has had a lot to say for itself recently with new and established acts bringing out material that allows us...

Bashy on Beirut, Bob Marley and Bish Bash Bosh

Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas is not your regular MC. With Shank recently released to DVD and yet another ‘substantial’ acting role currently keeping him...

Celebrities give us the lowndown on their thoughts on L.O.V.E

Oh yes, yes, yes! It’s celebrity love bites…. We’re giving all of you beautiful Flavour readers a little pre Valentines climax with some celebrity...