Monday, September 16, 2019
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Why We Can’t Stop Watching Reality TV Competitions?

Throughout 2015, vast swathes of the British population were glued to their TV sets thanks to reality TV competitions. 15 million of us tuned in...

Katie Hopkins – The Big Fat Reality

Katie Hopkins has made a television career from uttering some of the most vile, cruel and unsympathetic statements known to man but deep behind...

Y Not?

PC World has been racking up facts on our generation and where our motivations lie. It seems many young people ARE ambitious and DO...

Smartbox Unforgettable Experience Hunt

Launching simultaneously across 5 major cities: London, Berlin, Tokyo, New York and Sydney, Smartbox invited Flavour, other journalists, bloggers and a few members of...

DJ Longers, Long Talking With Flavour

Visuals - Always more interesting then just seeing words on a page and having to read, so i'm gonna mix the two and give...

Lindi Mngaza – Y&A

The youngest contestant ever to win a place on The Apprentice tells us about her life, ambitions and what it takes to succeed Despite being...