Friday, August 23, 2019
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First Look Trailer for British Comedy, Gangsters, Gamblers & Geezers Debut’s

The brand spanking new first look trailer for the British comedy, Gangsters, Gamblers and Geezers, starring popular actor Richard Blackwood, music star Liz McClarnon, and INBF...

Screen shots from Fedz Movie OUT NOW

Check out these images from Fedz Movie Starring: Dexter Fletcher, Katia Winter, Joseph Marcell, Ashley Walters, Femi Oyeniran, Maya Sondhi, Isabella Calthorpe, Shanika Warren-Markland,...

Fedz Movie OUT NOW!!! @fedzmovie

Fedz, is a British film with a host of familiar faces including that of Dexter Fletcher, best known for his role in Lock, Stock...

Celebrities give us the lowndown on their thoughts on L.O.V.E

Oh yes, yes, yes! It’s celebrity love bites…. We’re giving all of you beautiful Flavour readers a little pre Valentines climax with some celebrity...

Olu Johnson: Get Hench T-Shirts

Olu Johnson, 26, has made getting buff even sexier by creating the cheeky fitted tee’s emblazoned with “Get Hench or Die Trying”. He comes...

Tiny Iron is Half man, half amazing with his 24inch Biceps

Ever wondered how 29 year-old Tiny Iron exploded onto the scene with his 24 inch muscles? Well it all started when he was in a...