Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Artist Spotlight – 6 Minutes with Koder

Koder is a Grime MC known for his high energy bars and creative lyrics. Choosing grime over a football career, Koder has made a...

Interview: C4-tune in-OoRITE

C4 is an emcee from Birmingham who is one of the main forces pushing the grime scene along. In reality grime outside of London is...

Giggs – Still talking hard

With one of the most infectious, yet highly controversial rap songs of 2008, south-east London born and raised Giggs met up with Flavour to...

Lloyd – Taking UK Grime back to the States

Softly spoken, yet largely confident singer/songwriter Lloyd joined me on a sunny Tuesday afternoon in a swanky West London hotel. Here to promote his...

Ear Dis – Hey Girl Look Over Your Shoulder

When the music industry is rife with untalented voices and the weakest tunes somehow climb to the top of the charts the struggling artist...