Princess Nyah will be hosting our series #TalkThatTalk live on air at 5pm on Wednesday 12th Feb, along with special guests.

Topics are listing below so start tweeting us NOW using hashtag #TalkThatTalk or #TTT.

Topic 1 – ‘The Hanging Ex”

A person that does not give up, The fall back guy, The one that holds a candle for your heart and never wants to let go or is this person the bug a boo, the annoyance? The guy that blew his chance and now wants back in?

Topic 2 – “Holiday Romance”

A stroll on the beach hand in hand with the person that caught your eye at the party the night before? Or is this an image from a movie and what really happens is a quick 2 min minute fumble in a 2* apartment and you wake up to regret the night before?

“TRASH TALK” – Valentines Day!

Myth or Magical

#TalkThatTalk through out the show to share opinions and get involved in the conversation.