Princess Nyah will be hosting our series #TalkThatTalk live on air at 5pm on Wednesday 19th Feb, along with special guests, Channette Carleo London Girl American Dreaming, Music Blogger! Letitia Hector, award winning actress, mostly known from the popular WebSeries ‘Venus vs Mars’ and radio presenter for BANG radio and Chuckie Online.

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Topic 1 – ‘No Means Yes – Apparently”

Why do the male species, seek female, approach female and think that the only possible out come is female leaving with boy? I use the term boy as a man should have learned by the time he is a man how to woo a woman. Grabbing an arm is not the approach and will only lead to an un thinkable outcome!

Topic 2 – “Baby Father Drama”

The fairy tale fantasy of having children in wedlock and growing old with your two kids in a perfect partner seems a movie-based idea. King Henry the 8th had 5 wives and was only interested in boy children, in this day an age men have different reasons for fleeing the situation once a child has arrived. What makes for baby father drama?


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