Cynikal Press I

Tavinder Sanghera aka Cynikal has been blazing a steady and purposeful trail as he brings his brand of musicality to the fore. It’s been an amazing last year or so that has seen his slick story telling infused with classy cuts that traverse the genres with an effortless ease-as Cynikal states-“It’s whatever really. I wouldn’t even limit it to genres”

It’s that old skool spirit of fashioning and creating music that is organic as opposed to creating music to fit a particular genre. This spirit has consequently brought him numerous fans who seek something fresh and his latest cut Beautiful is further vindication of their support. The cut is exactly that as his brand of hip-hop story telling is backed by the amazing talent and vocals of Kaleem Taylor whose hook and chorus just add the layer of class to take the track into those realms where it’s just beautiful.

With performances at the Isle of White festival and numerous radio appearances to add to his CV, Cynikal is clearly someone to keep a close eye on.

Music and Cynikal

I chose my name when I was 13. I was listening to a lot of Hip Hop with monikers of a similar kind of ilk and being a young kid that naturally influenced me. But I wouldn’t say my name reflects me – it’s just a word really. The person reflects the name. In terms of music, everyone has their take on how they entered the profession but my story isn’t down to a musical family, or a desire for escapism. It’s more so a case of gravitation. Music captivated me as a form of art/entertainment, and has held my attention. I had been very musical as a child, with different instruments but the day I picked up a pen and pad and began writing lyrics, I knew that was my future. Not in any kind of magical destiny sense, but more the fact that I enjoyed that first moment so much I was keen to do anything I could to make it last.

“I hated live music”

It’s a funny story actually. Rewind back to my first year at college (where I was studying music full-time), and I hated live music. I thought it was an inaccurate representation of a studio track. But as I began to learn more about the history, the art, the heritage and the methodology behind music creation, I realised it was the only way I could go about my live show. It’s genuine and honest. Having the on-stage synergy between the band and I gives both me and the audience a vibe to work with. Furthermore, my studio tracks have a lot of live influence, so to translate it to the stage has been a natural progression.

Who is Toby you sure it’s not Gary?

Toby is the name which my granddad calls me. Kind of his nick-name for me, stemming from my childhood name Tavi. Whilst creating the EP, I’ve used a very honest approach – this includes the production, the lyrics, the delivery and everything surrounding it. This is music how I really want to make it, without constraining myself with the limitations of what people expect from me. I figured the best title for it would be a name which only one person in the world calls me, Toby.

It’s not James Blake but it is Beautiful.

I wrote Beautiful about this time last year and was sitting on it for a period of time, trying to find the right vocalist and the right vessel to deliver it. Then it occurred to me, I’d heard a couple Kaleem records and he had this incredibly unique voice and really sings from the depths of his soul. Once I’d decided he was the guy, it was back and forth between our managers and in no time at all we were in the studio recording. I actually put out a song called Take Off a couple months prior to Beautiful, and that was with artwork. But for Beautiful, I wanted a greater visual experience. I also wanted the message to come across, as well as the attention to detail in the lyrics – so I connected with a great animator and explained my vision for a lyric-centred video. He worked tirelessly under my guidance and now we have a product which we’re very proud of.




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