The global name Taylor Swift drops the video for her single Bad Blood featuring Kendrick Lamar (integrity bolstering hip-hop quota achieved).

Here at Flavourmag we were curious to see the ‘Taylor Swift’ effect and see how many hits the video would get in three days. Looking this morning the video had over 37 million hits. In a way while the figure seems rather astronomical I would not expect anything less when you have a; huge label, pr machine and a bank of sycophants at your call.

The music video which is a film really is a huge tour de force featuring massive cameos from names like Selena Gomez, Cindy Crawford, UK’s own Ellie Goulding and tellingly Jessica Alba who all at some point lay down cans of whip ass or indeed look ready to lay down some cans of whip ass.

It’s a great concept borrowing heavily from that great film noire franchise Sin City-grainy almost monochrome look punctuated by comic book vibrant red all held together by a rather dark bleak background.

The track does not take too much hip-hop integrity away from Kendrick who no doubt got paid more than enough for an ostentatious penis extension Mayback. For our Miss Swift, her juggernaut of success continues to run over the old, young, infirmed and of course haters who dare try and cross the road when the Taylor Swift juggernaut is coming, ‘who cares it’s a green light get out the damn way!

Look out she’s at the Radio 1 Weekender on the 24th May-tidy!