Born out of the 24-hour news cycle, ‘Jokes On Me’ is the dark new release to come from Electronic duo Technikult of Flesh.

An unfiltered and pure outpouring of self-expression, ‘Jokes On Me’ sees Technikult of Flesh pushing their writing and production further into the unknown, creating surreal and abstract soundscapes that have you on edge, a perfect reflection of the past 12 months.

“Technikult of Flesh is the embodiment of technology and a thoughtful approach to passionately making music that informs and stimulates thinking outside the box.”

With countless dark accolades from the underground dark music scenes, hundreds of DJ downloads, hated or loved, TechniKult of Flesh embodies unfiltered creativity and explores the last few decades of dark music in their own way; never compromising for anyone. Having played the last show at CBGBs before closing down, released numerous singles to well-known dark labels, featured on Hot Topic’s Industrial online dance release, Technikult of Flesh were also featured nationally on the TV show The Next Big Thing.

Out Now – Listen Here

The Technikult of Flesh name was born from being immersed in a digital-driven world that seemed more content in Greed and Power than writing from the heart.