Teva has relaunched the Originals to celebrate the brands 30th Anniversary.

Sporting these colourful scandals will have head turning and the soft sole will do your feet justice in the blistering heat. With sports sandals being a huge trend this season, we take a look at some of the scandals Teva has to offer.
1003986_W_OriginalSandal_AGN 1003986_W_OriginalSandal_BLJL 1003986_Woriginalsandal_pinkblue 1003986_W_OriginalSandal_UTBR 1004006_Moriginaluniversal_bluegreen 1004006_MOriginalUniversal_blueorange 1004006_MOriginalUniversal_peaksbluegraphite


Grab yourself a pair here: TEVA SCANDALS