When selling your home, creating an effective real estate listing is key to attracting potential buyers and setting up a quick sale.

Standing out from the crowd of other properties on the market is not easy especially when potential buyers have seen a lot of different ones. A well-crafted listing grabs attention, provides all the necessary details, and creates a compelling image of the property.

If your house has been on the market for too long, it will start to fall out of the search results as buyers will assume there is something wrong with it. And, a property with a poorly crafted listing is likely to stay on the market longer even if the property is flawless. In this article, we will help you avoid that by helping you craft the perfect listing.

1 – Use drone videos

Using drone videos in your real estate listing can really make your property stand out. Drones let you take videos from the sky, showing off large yards, beautiful views, or special features that you can’t see well from the ground.

This is especially useful if your home has a lot of outdoor space or is near attractive amenities. Not many people use commercial drones for their listings yet, so having a drone video can give you an advantage by making your listing more engaging and interesting.

When you decide to use a drone, make sure the video is clear and shows the best parts of your property. Adding a drone video to your listing will give potential buyers a better look at the whole property, helping them see why your home is special. As a result, your listing will be more noticeable and help you sell your home faster.

2 – Make the text compelling

Writing an engaging listing description is more than just listing the features of a property. It requires touching on certain pain points or emotions of a prospective buyer by using marketing psychology.

Focus on creating a narrative that helps buyers envision living in the home. Start with the most appealing aspects of the property.

Use emotional language to help the reader feel like they can see themselves living in the home. Phrases like “wake up to breathtaking views” or “entertain guests in the huge living room” can bring out feelings that make the buyer understand how the home fits into their needs and wants.

3 – Use social media

Using social media and real estate websites is important to get more people to see your listing. These platforms are where many potential buyers look for homes, so your listing needs to be on as many of them as possible.

Make sure your listing on these websites has good photos, a strong description, and a video that shows off the property well. This will make your listing look complete and attractive wherever people find it. You can also use ads targeted to specific groups of people who might be interested in your property, based on things like where they live or what they like.

Image via unsplash