Although the summer is the perfect season for rejuvenating a wardrobe, some may be unsure what style of dress is the right fit for the season.

Fortunately, there are plenty of different dresses available, meaning that finding an affordable, practical, and alluring outfit is possible.

However, some may be uncertain of the different types of dresses available that are a good fit for summer. If you want to make the right impression during the warmer seasons, why not consider some of the following dresses?


Although sundresses have been part of many summer wardrobes for several years, they remain a popular staple of summer fashion, and for good reasons. The sundress is lightweight, so staying comfortable is never an issue, and it can be worn to the beach and when socialising.

Wrap Dress

A wrap dress can be considered an essential style for the summer because it is versatile. There are varying lengths of dresses available from brands such as Dancing Leopard. It is perfect for those wanting a professional and comfortable outfit for work while also having the flexibility to wear the clothing casually during the warm weekends.

The wrap dress first found popularity in the 1930s and was introduced by Claire McCardell; an American fashion designer also credited with the invention of American sportswear.

The design of the iconic wrap would be reinvented during the 1970s by Belgian fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. Ever since, the wrap dress has seen many iterations, which means finding the right fit is never an issue.

Floral Mini Wrap Dress

Denim Dress

Denim can sometimes be crossed off many lists when shopping for summer outfits, but those who have not considered a denim dress should reconsider their options. While there are outfits designed for the colder months, denim dresses take on many forms, including sundresses and mini skirts.

Shift Dress

A shift dress is a garment that hangs down from the shoulders and bears a simple design. Although a straightforward design, they are perfect for summer. As there is no cut to a shift dress, there is no clinging of fabric, which can be a hindrance during the warmer months.

The shift dress was first witnessed during the early 20th century and was created by fashion giants like Chanel. Before the shift dress, looking good often meant wearing a rigid outfit. This is no longer the case, thanks to the introduction of the shift dress.

Floral V Neck Shift Dress

Off-the-Shoulder Dress

An off-the-shoulder dress is considered another essential garment for a summer wardrobe. The first iteration of an off-the-shoulder dress was first seen in the 1800s. Granted, they were much different in design than the options today, but it shows how resilient the dress is for the summer.  

An off-the-shoulder dress is another garment that offers plenty of versatility, and there are many styles available that make them appealing to those looking for comfortable work outfits as well as those wanting to stay comfortable when socialising. 

There are many other options available, but the five styles listed are ideal for those taking their first steps to choosing a summer dress.