Ok Saturday night, November 16th I re-lived my youth minus pimples, awkwardness, an unhealthy crush on a girl named Samira (umhhhh) and Channel 4 ahem!

It was great though I sang along (badly) to tracks from that golden era of music-the 90’s where songs had addictive hooks, contagious melodies and artists who possessed the ability to perform and create a buzz about them with without the need for, pyrotechnics, minimum clothing, or (for some pre-tour magical promotion), a sneak peak of a nipple, a full frontal selfie, or rumour mongers stating an artist is hung like an excited donkey.

[Image Credit: ©Paul Stayt & Hashmukh Kerai atdigitalcreativedesign.co.uk and G’veli Images [email protected]]

This was the event staged by The Show Tour promotion team-the R&B SuperStars event at Wembley which bar a few seats was rammed with those that were clubbing in that era and those that wished they were of the age to go clubbing and rock some shapes to This is how We Do It (1995) Montel Jordan-when it was fresh.

Names that form the core of this great era (minus Mario who is a bit young) were there in their full glory to perform: Donnell Jones smashed it as number after number had the crowd singing in unison (he has a huge back catalogue you know what’s up?), Ginuwine showed how to get those ladies crazy, ripping off their clothes and wanting to ride a pony (a euphemisim)-Adina Howard who made the whole audience freak at the beginning of her set, freak in the middle of her set and of course freak at the end of her set-Sisqo got us all checking our thongs (guys wear them too not me however commando lol),  Dave Hollister who brought some drama and showed them ladies it’s all about those damn kids, Bobby V who just wanted to get to know us, Kelly Price (what a VOICE) who let us know that we should have told her that we love her (so we did), Mario who said he would give us everything we want and need in his performance, Faith Evans who made me think as soon as I get home I will listen to some more 90’s before J Holiday put those girls to bed-great night!

It was indeed a special night and some big names were out in force from Jahmene Douglas now free from his contractual duties to the devil I mean X Factor (look out for my interview with him), to Asher D, Ms Dynamite, Jasmine Dotiwala and Annika Allen editor in Chief of Flavour (who I saw on the night gyrating-WELL) and more-it was well worth it.

Anyway as I write this I am re-assessing my thoughts.

We are all afraid of falling into that place where you utter the words that signify that you are no longer cool-“in my day music was better”-Noooooooo!

The 90’s was a great era for music and that was proved at Wembley on Saturday but things have to move on and should move on and indeed there are some brilliant tracks out right now and indeed it’s not all nipples, selfies and huge metal balls. However, I remain a 90’s kid at heart and it was great to hear that stupendous era in a live arena.

Look out, the promoters behind this event will be dropping something for Valentine’s Day with names like Total, En Vogue and Tony Toni Tone to drop some more 90’s magic nice!!!!!!!

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