This is Charlie Brown’s journey as an artist. It is the ordinary things that happen, the personal reflections, and the context in which his creative world thrives as an up and coming musician.

It’s day two peeps!

Was in the studio today with one of my favourite songwriters Camille Purcell (The Saturdays/Tinchy Stryder/Cover Drive), the producer who co-wrote my 2 of my singles Focus Williams, and guitarist/writer Timz. We were writing for my album. I love writing with other top liners now and then and seeing how different people work and put melodies together.

I’ve written a lot of songs for the record sitting alone in a corner with a track on headphones, so it’s cool to mix it up and have people to bounce ideas off of and spar with lyrically. We got all the melodies down today… Gonna hit lyrics tomo. *pic attached* (Camille and Timz jammin)

(Here’s a treat for all you guys…Let me know, what you think of this cover of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’ that I’ve done )

At home now researching ideas on YouTube for my next music video that I’m shooting at the end of the month. I’ve got a bunch of ideas, and I wanna give the label as many references as possible so that they can get the right treatments in from directors.

(And another video…Check out Flavour behind the scenes on the making of my Dependency video)

I want each one of my songs and videos to give people more of an insight into who I am and what I’m about, so it’s important that each one is as strong as the last. I love how the video for Dependency came together, so I’ve gotta come correct with this next one. Catch you all laters! @CharlieBrownLDN.