All this week rising singer Jenn D will be giving us an insight into her musical life.

Hey everyone,

Today is being largely spent sat at the piano. I had a very early start travelling back up north on the train.

I’ve found out that next week I’m going to be recording acoustic versions of some of my songs at AATW HQ. I have lot to get done in a short space of time! HELP! I’m really excited about it as we’ll as being a little bit nervous. It’ll be my first time recording there.

I’m gonna start by going through my tracks and figuring out which ones can work acoustically. Some of my songs began their lives at the piano, so it shouldn’t be too tough to figure out hopefully.

I had some photos through from a performance I did with Loadstar in Belgium last week. I’ve done a couple of tracks with them for their album (keep an eye out for their remix of my first single Lose It if you like your music with lots of bass).

Performing with them live was so much fun. The crowd was insane and totally wild. So much so that I decided it’d be a good idea to crowd surf. (Check out the below pic).

I’m going to be doing some more shows with those guys in the near future. I must also mention my upcoming gig at Cable in London on Nov 2nd. Feel free to come along and support.

Anyways, I have to get back to rehearsing. See you tomorrow!