There are big things ahead for Jenn D, so before the paparazzi and critics capturing and scrutinizing her every move, as of from today (15 October – 19 October) you can visit her Flavour diary, read about her musical life as well as finding out more about the lady herself. Jenn D’s debut sinlge ‘Lose It’ will also be released November 18.

Hi guys,

I’m getting ready for the release of my debut single ‘Lose It’, so for the next week I’m going to keep you up-dated with what is turning into a mad schedule!

Today, I have been doing a photoshoot and interview for a magazine.  I was up veryyyy early to get a train down to London from Liverpool. I hate that the mornings are so dark now…winter is coming!

I arrived on the set of the shoot and met the stylist Lucas and make-up/hair-stylist Alex (pictured). Spent about an hour and a half getting my makeup/hair done. I actually find it hard to sitting still for that long!

While all the lighting was being set up for the shoot I did the interview for the magazine, which I really enjoyed. The questions were great and it just felt like one big chat. After we’d finished doing that we were ready to go with the shoot.

Having my picture taken is kind of a new thing to me. I never thought it would be, but it’s actually really exhausting! I have so much respect for models…I think modelling is tougher than what a lot of people think.

Now that we’ve wrapped up the shoot I’m off to do a song writing session. I’ve been given the opportunity to work with some amazing people on my album. Even though the bulk of my album has finished being written I don’t want to just stop writing.

The creative process is really long but I absolutely love it. I’m going to try and get some sleep tonight as tomorrow is turning into a mad day as is the rest of the week! All my fellow tweety pies, you can also follow me on Twitter @JennDMusic