Over at Flavourmag HQ, we get a lot of fantastic music sent our way. We’ve collected our favourite tracks of the month.

First, we’ve obviously got to mention that Niall Horan released one hell of a banger. I mean we all waited about two years for this and now the time has come, we just want more! And we get it, you’re gonna keep us waiting for the album which is most likely going to be perfect but cmon’ please don’t leave it too long, we’re begging.

Switching up his sound, Niall Horan is back with 90’s rock track ‘Nice to Meet Ya’

Selena Gomez

Our girl Selena Gomez is back with her new single ‘Lose You To Love Me’. Unfortunately, Selena is one of these talented female artists that receive an unnecessary amount of hate and we are just happy she keeps doing her thing.

King Princess

Back with ‘If You Think It’s Love’  Rising superstar King Princess (Mikaela Straus) puts a spin on stereotypical pop-music taking modern romance and putting it in a musical time machine.  We’re totally here for it! If you liked 1950, you must add this track to your new music playlist.

Cigarettes After Sex

Known for releasing ethereal and limerent music, ‘Touch’ from their latest album ‘Cry’ sends you into a musical daydream.

Picture This

We’re big fans of Picture This over at Flavourmag. Back with their new single ‘One Night’, they really have us up in the feels tonight. This is one track you need to add to your heartbreak playlist. Alexa, Play One Night by Picture This (again)

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