Whether you are going to a bar or restaurant to enjoy brunch, or it is being hosted by a friend, here are some outfit inspirations to ensure you look your best whatever the occasion. 

How do you dress for brunch? 

A brunch outfit should consist of smart casual attire with a touch of sophistication. Don’t forget this outfit should still be comfortable and suitable for the daytime. There are no strict rules on what you can wear for a brunch; some may simply pair a top with trousers or, if you are brave enough, combine it with a pair of heels.

Winter Brunch 

Try to aim for a cosy, yet refined look – think thick jumpers, long trench coats and furry jackets. Consider maybe a camel coat paired with jeans and a t-shirt. If you plan to make your look slightly chicer, leather trousers with a jumper and a printed coat should do the trick. As for footwear, a heeled boot or stylish stilettos will bring the outfit together.

Spring Brunch

The weather is mildly warm and bright, yet there is still the potential of a light shower. In these circumstances, you may feel like a dress or a slip skirt and a pair of trainers. Additionally, women’s cropped trousers, showing just a little ankle, can be paired with a jumper and a pair of heels. A blazer would work well in this season, with a pattern or pop of colour to match the season. 

Summer Brunch

The need to keep cool and look fabulous is the aim here. Look for dresses and skirts that are lightweight with a smart style. Prints and bold colours always make good outfits in the weather, with linens and chinos helping to combat the potentially high humidity. Utilise accessories during the summer months by pairing your outfits with belts and jewellery. 


The autumnal period tends to share similar styles to that of winter, with some spring aspects depending on the temperature. A dress is an ideal choice, but you may want to style it with tights and boots and throw on a long trench coat. The good thing about autumn is that you can wear dresses, jeans, and style accordingly with jumpers and accessories. A Co-Ord would also work well in this season with a pair of boots.

Images via Unsplash