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The youth marketing industry has become quite popular with this new generation. Young adults and teens have experienced the taste of fame seeing how young social media influencers live. From youtube to tik tok there are a variety of ways to be discovered.

You’ll notice that once a young person is discovered on one platform that they don’t stop there! People like Charlie Damileo started on one platform and started to get brand deals and even her own tv show.

Youth marketing agencies aim to do exactly that! These agencies are specialized to work with young people in an industry that can be quite overwhelming.

Want the best youth marketing agency in London? Check out Nerds Collective to see if they are the team for you!

Who is Nerds Collective?

Nerds Collective is the next-generation youth & culture agency that focuses on marketing strategizing, creativity, production, and amplification!

Their main goal is to shape culture and bring underground sounds to a new light to parties, festivals, and emerge a new brand.

Nerds Collective uses its experience to help other potential influencers grow throughout the industry and work with other brands.

What Do They Have To Offer?

As I briefly mentioned before Nerds Collective focuses on four areas:

  • Strategy
  • Creative Studio
  • Production
  • Amplification


Strategy consists of research and frontline insight. The goal is to apply target research and deliver credible cultural positioning that is combined with sales and optimised marketing strategies.

They aim to find the right audience for their young person and build a name for them.

Creative Studio

The creative studio service focuses on creating content that “turns heads” and makes an impact. The creative studio looks at concepts, direction, management, and the individual’s overall growth.

Nerds Collective looks for a way to answer the question, “how can we expand the skillset of this already talented individual?” This is why the creative studio is about growth and expansion.


Production involves taking the content and making sure it is prepared for delivery. The production also includes campaign shoots, live experiences, and anything that can draw attention to their name and content.


Lastly is amplifying the content. How can the content be produced and spread to the next level?

Amplifying can include influencer marketing, paid social offers, media partnerships, and more.

Amplifying is beyond production and includes ways to expand brand awareness.

What Are The Benefits?

Now you have probably seen many young people become successful on their own or what seems to be their own. So what are the benefits of working with a youth marketing agency?

Well, here is to name a few:

  • Faster growth
  • Build a Brand
  • Access to More Connections
  • Access to Studio Equipment
  • More Room for Creativity

There are many other benefits to experience, but working with a youth marketing agency involves a team that can help you out in an industry they are specialists in.

Final Thoughts

More young people are taking over social media platforms, and you could be next! Check out Nerds Collective to see the best youth marketing agency in London!

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