dash and lily

As the jingle bells start to ring, and the mistletoe is hung with care, college students everywhere are powering down their laptops and closing their textbooks, ready to indulge in the seasonal cheer.

With finals out of the way and homework on hold until the New Year, there’s no better way to celebrate than by cozying up with TV shows that embody the spirit of Christmas.

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Heartwarming Holiday Series

Take the chill off the winter air by settling down with TV shows that are drenched in the Christmas spirit. These aren’t your typical shows. Christmas here isn’t just a theme. It’s the very essence of the storyline.

“Dash & Lily”

This series brings viewers into a whimsically romantic New York Christmas as two teenagers, Dash and Lily, trade messages and dares in a red notebook that they pass back and forth across the city. With each challenge they complete, they learn more about each other and themselves, all against the festive backdrop of the Big Apple. It’s a series that explores the themes of growth, love, and the magic of the holidays.

“The Holiday Movies That Made Us”

For those who love Christmas movies, this series is a gold mine. It provides a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the creation of some of the most beloved holiday films. With episodes dedicated to classics like “Elf” and “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” this series dives into the creativity, challenges, and triumphs involved in making cinematic magic that has become an integral part of the holiday season for many.

“Home for Christmas”

“Home for Christmas” is a Norwegian Netflix series centered around Johanne, a single nurse who, frustrated by her family’s meddling in her love life, races to find a boyfriend before Christmas. Her comedic quest through awkward dates and romantic possibilities reveals the nuances of modern love, set against Norway’s snowy landscapes and heartwarming Christmas traditions.

“The Santa Clauses”

“The Santa Clauses” on Disney+ picks up with Scott Calvin, now an aging Santa pondering retirement. This charming series delves into Santa’s search for a worthy replacement while managing family dynamics and a declining Christmas spirit globally. It’s a festive blend of comedy, family, and the timeless question of what happens when Santa Claus hangs up his red coat.

Christmas Around the Corner

Gather your friends for a fun and festive watch party, or snuggle up with a cozy blanket and some hot chocolate for a solo viewing party. These series are sure to spark joy and create new Christmas memories:

“Holiday Home Makeover with Mr. Christmas”

Interior designer Benjamin Bradley, affectionately known as Mr. Christmas, takes viewers on a festive journey to transform homes into winter wonderlands. The show not only provides holiday décor inspiration but also delves into the stories of the families, making each makeover personal and heartfelt. It’s a perfect blend of reality TV and Christmas cheer, showcasing how holiday decorations can uplift spirits and bring people together.

“The Great Holiday Baking Show”

A spin-off of the beloved “Great British Bake Off,” this series celebrates the holidays with a series of festive-themed challenges. Bakers from diverse backgrounds come together to whip up confections that reflect their traditions and holiday memories. It’s a delicious exploration of Christmas sweets from around the world mixed with the warmth of competition and camaraderie.

“Sugar Rush Christmas”

The holiday-themed spin on Netflix’s “Sugar Rush” amps up the usual baking competition with Christmas flair. Contestants race against the clock to create holiday-inspired treats that are judged on taste, presentation, and creativity. It’s a fast-paced, sweet-tooth-satisfying show that might just inspire some baking experiments of your own, perfect for a study break or a festive gathering.

“Nailed It! Holiday!”

Bringing the laughs with every attempt, “Nailed It! Holiday!” showcases amateur bakers trying their best to recreate complicated cakes and confectionery. The holiday twist adds an extra layer of hilarity with Christmas-themed baking disasters that are as endearing as they are entertaining. It’s a light-hearted celebration of effort over perfection, perfect for de-stressing during the holiday season.

The Season of Giving and Watching

As Christmas approaches, take the time to immerse yourself in the warmth these holiday-themed series provide. They’re the perfect companion to a cup of hot cocoa and a plate of freshly baked cookies, offering a respite from the demanding college schedule.

After a semester of diligent studying and hard work, Christmas TV shows provide a well-deserved escape, a way to recharge and prepare for the adventures the next semester is sure to bring. And as the final credits roll, rest easy knowing that when the time comes, the best essay writing service in the UK will be there to support you in the coming year.

Let the joyous marathons begin, and may your holidays be merry, bright, and filled with TV delights!