the dushman

Hip-hop artist Sabelo Kheswa, alternatively known as The Dushman, recently released his new album ‘Love Potion’ on 14th February. Taking influence from artists like Mr Chaklas and Polow da don, his music portrays energetic vibes and features aspects reflecting the hip-hop genre.

The Dushman started his career in 2007 and began to quickly flourish as an artist. Harbouring a love for music, his newest release ‘Love Potion’ is his way of expressing that love’. His music blends contemporary beats fused with a 90’s R&B feel with the lyricism of the album throughout highlighting passion for a specific girl creating the main focus for his listeners.

His ability to create bouncy beats with memorable lyrics is consistent in every song. The Dushman says that he hopes the six-song project featuring modern-day love tracks connects with anyone who listens and spreads the message of love.

Having studied business and sound engineering, he aspires to one day create his own individual label TDM Music Group. To find out more information about this or any future performances and releases, follow him on The Dushman on social media.