What makes the recent hit by Gus Van Sent’s “Promised Land” and animated movies for children like The Lorax and Wall-E similar? They focus on environmental problems, translating efficiently the moral issues of these problems on big silver screens, and Zal Batmanglij’s “The East” trailer is nevertheless another original undergo that also focuses on this “eternal” topic.

When Sarah (performed brilliantly by the movie’s co-writer Brit Marling) find for herself a job as a private spy for the biggest US corporations, she goes incognito to decipher the identities of the ecoterrorists known in the Internet under the name “The East” making their mission to destroy all huge corporations involved in the environmental crimes. Nevertheless, the more she wallows beyond the radical gang– led by the beguiling leader Benji (Alexander Skarsgard), she presently discovers her loyalties are torn, as albeit the increasing duress arranged over by her employer Sharon (Patricia Clarkson), the intimate connections formed until she break and makes life-changing decisions.

The East is a traditional thriller, that, however, still manages to draw attention by its rough and noso-easy-to-catch plot where there are no bad guys or good guys – only people with doubts, fears and wrong decisions. This movie may not the one you can easily find on DVD, besides it’s furthermore more bright incursion against fledging job of Brit Marling, and we absolutely look forward to the futureprojects she will choose to work at after getting multiple awards for “The East”.


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