Set for release in 2013, The Fall Of The Essex Boys will follow the rise and intense fall of one of the most dreaded criminal gangs in British history – the Essex Boys. For the first time the real life gangster story is revealed in this gritty film – the drugs, the violence and of course the murders.

As their status increased they were widely feared, and as their drug addiction also spiralled out of control, they began to develop enemies far and wide. The gang’s finale follows when an 18-year-old girl falls into a coma after taking an ecstasy pill from a bad batch.

The film directed by Paul Tanter, stars Kate Magowan (Kidulthood, Stardust), Kierston Wareing (Top Boy, Inside Men), Peter Woodward (Eagleheart, NCIS) Simon Phillips, and Roman, the son of actor Martin Kemp making his big screen debut. And if you’re wondering, none of The Only Way is Essex cast will be making any appearances.

Check out The Fall Of The Essex Boys trailer below: