Interview with 2 stunners from the Fuel Girls. Leonie Alert & Teta Maria talk about fashion, beauty, and style.

Describe your style.

LEONIE: We’re both pretty different style wise. Teta loves colour and I think people most remember her for her ever-changing hair colours and tattoos; I guess she has a rock chick style and you will usually see her in Dr Martens, studs, hotpants and crazy tights! I have a bit more of a glamorous look I suppose. I love high heels, crazy leggings or bodycon dresses. I think we both just have our own take on sexy casual wear!

Are you a natural beauty or would you find it hard to live without hair extensions, eyelashes, nails…?

LEONIE: I’m a bit of both. Day-to-day, you’ll probably find me with my hair tied back, some mascara and a lick of nude lip gloss. But if we have a show, I will go all out, massive lashes, massive hair, smokey eyes and usually a bright pink lipstick!

TETA: Yeah, for performing we go all out with beauty and styling as it is part of the job to be larger than life and to stand out from the crowd. But like Leonie, in my down time my look is very relaxed and natural because I like to give my skin a break between shows. I love my hair extensions though -my crazy hair colours are kind of my trademark – I wouldn’t want to dye my own hair as often as I do my extensions, but again, I do wear my hair natural sometimes to give it a break!

Are you high street girls or designer clothes divas? 

We are both definitely high street girls. I think everyone has their key designer pieces, but I love a high street bargain! Also, Teta always ends up cutting and customising most of her clothes and I think I would freak out if I had to watch her cutting up designer clothes!

TETA: I’m a big eBay shopper too. I love trawling through eBay to find little gems! I’d say for both of us, footwear is probably our biggest extravagance styling wise!

Any favourite places to shop?

TETA: Topshop is always a favourite, as well as American Apparel and H&M. I like quite simple clothes that I can make adjustments to and make my own.

LEONIE: I don’t discriminate – I shop everywhere! I’d probably add River Island to that list, but also, since I’m based in Camden Town, I will often wander around Camden Stables for quirky bits and pieces too.

What would you consider a timeless piece of fashion?

BOTH: Little Black Dress!

LEONIE: Every woman has a little black dress! In fact, if they’re like me, they have the Beyonce ‘freakum’ style little black dress and then a more demure version J

TETA: I often dress down a LBD with Dr Marten boots and checked shirt in the daytime! And I love a good pair of hotpants, even in the winter months; I wear them with funky Henry Holland tights and a sweater!

How or where did you learn your fire skills?

LEONIE: We both learnt from other Fuel Girls and that’s pretty much how it still works; we learn a new skill and teach them to each other.

TETA: We also pick up new tricks by watching other performers and practising and trying things out by ourselves.

If a girl wanted to join your group what would she need to do?

LEONIE: Just be up for a laugh and not scared to work hard! We have so much fun, but it is a lot of work and there is a lot of travelling involved on minimal sleep! It would probably help if they weren’t scared of fire too – we’ve had people apply who were!

How do you maintain your skin?

TETA: To look after my skin I try and wear make-up as little as possible when not at work. And I use bio oil both on my body and on my face if it is starting to look a bit tired!

LEONIE: I recently had my skin analysed on a VISIA machine, which looks at what your potential problem areas will be in the future! Apparently, I need to exfoliate more, so I am now a big fan of MD Formulations Facial Cleanser and I also use Estee Lauder’s serums to moisturise.

What’s your favourite lipstick?

LEONIE: We’re both fans of pinks, I guess because we have similar skin tones. I go for the bright pinks like MAC’s Viva Glam range – I’m wearing Nikki Minaj’s shade at the moment.

TETA: I’m really liking the new Kate Moss line of lipsticks by Rimmel and also have quite a few Barry M and Sleek lipsticks in cool colours! I am more of a gloss girl through and love the 3D glosses by Bourjois.

What’s your favourite hair product?

LEONIE: I got my dad’s genes when it comes to my hair, so its European hair and it’s really fine. Which means it goes through a lot of wear and tears with backcombing for shows and clip-in extensions. So I use Lee Stafford’s Hair Growth range as it really nourishes the hair at the roots. I also use Argan oil and take Silica supplements for hair, skin and nails.

TETA: I can’t live without my hair polishing serum. I use it lots as my bleached and dyed hair extensions can look dull and damaged unless kept well moisturised.

What’s your favourite underwear brand?

TETA: I quite like Ann Summers and La Senza for well-priced pretty underwear. It is best not to spend a fortune on show underwear as it tends to go missing a lot at shows! Otherwise, I would happily go Agent Provocateur all the time!

LEONIE: I agree, though my favourite underwear brand at the moment is Atelier Bordelle – It’s not practical in the slightest, but stunning!

What do you do to keep yourself fit?

LEONIE: I’m so lazy, but when I was younger I did trapeze, Karate and was always very active, so I rely heavily on muscle memory – I see my body slipping and I will go hard in the gym for a week to fix it. Though when we are touring, the shows help keep up us in shape.

TETA: Definitely, performing as often as we do keeps us pretty fit. Though I do train in aerial hoop also, which is quite intense physical exercise. If I’m at home working out I like hula hooping and doing Pilates exercises for a strong body and to prevent injuries.

Do you stick to a special diet or do you eat any particular healthy foods?

LEONIE: Not at all. Everything in moderation is my motto – You feel sluggish and don’t operate as well when you’re eating badly, so I do detox’s every now and then. We are both big green tea fans!

TETA: I love to cook and eating good healthy balanced meals is just something I have always done! I love to eat so I wouldn’t deny myself that pleasure stressing over a diet.