Think of the prize!
Nike + SportWatch GPS
powered by TomTom

For something that has three buttons and a tap screen, this digital watch does an impressive amount of work. It’ll monitor your heart, track your run, set personal records and even shout motivational comments at you when you start to flag. It won’t exercise for you, but it will come up with reminders if you go for more than four days without getting off the couch. Not all of us have the discipline that running requires, but now you can buy it online and there’s no excuse not to look like Usain Bolt…






Having a ball

Orbotix Sphero

If your dream has always been to play virtual table tennis

with a phone app, then you’re probably a complete geek. But now you’re a really happy geek, because the new Sphero robot ball is not just remote-controlled, it also contains its own guidance system. Despite what the developers will have you believe, it doesn’t just play games and entertain your cat – their blog has some pretty funny videos – as it has an open interface and every app developed will do something new. At the moment the call comes with Sphero Drive and Sphero Golf, among other things, and is compatible with any iOS or Android phone. It’s the cat’s whiskers!

$129.99 on preorder


Golden rules, OK!
Skullcandy GI Gold Headphones

Skullcandy designs are never boring and often controversial, so there’s no doubt you’ll be the centre of attention wearing their headphones. The GI series may have been designed for gaming, but without the microphone they are perfect for playing your tracks. The full-size headphones block out a lot of ambient sound and they also come with additional leather earpads, a soft carry case and volume control. They may look heavy but they’re comfortable and surprisingly easy to wear. The hard part is putting them down and having to tune back into the real world.



Make an impression
Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer

Taking a break from a glittering career in pop music, Lady Gaga is enjoying the role of creative director at Polaroid, so that we common folk can produce instant prints of our embarrassing mobile phone photos. This tiny form of altruism is only the beginning, as this is the first of three products in her new Polaroid Grey Label line. You can print your pictures through a USB or Bluetooth connection as soon as you’ve taken them – and there’s not a drop of ink. The photo paper is a bit pricey, but this is cutting-edge tech and worth it for those split-second pics.







Shoot ’em up!
Hasbro Nerf Guns

Non-expanding recreational foam – NERF is 41 years old and is one retro product that has never just been trendy because it never actually stopped being fun. The latest selection of blasters range in size and ammo so there’s no excuse not to round up some people and strap them in vests. If you want to create that realistic foam war effect there’s now a wide range of accessories, such as the ammo belt and spare magazines. The Vortex Nitron is fully customisable and comes with an electronic scope. The N-STRIKE Deploy CS-6 converts into a flashlight for night hunting and a carry strap, making it ideal for stealth manoeuvres. There really is something for everyone so get out there and yourselves a blast!

from £10.99

Plucky you
Fender Guitars

They’re classic. They’re electric. And now they’re affordable. Whether you’re a fan of Green Day, Slipknot or Reggie Hamilton, you know the sound of a Fender Guitar. Beginners can pick up a candy apple red Stratocaster and a couple of books to start. Talented guitarists have the option of Jimi Hendrix or Nirvana, and the maple Blacktop with skirted black amp knobs, a reversed chrome control plate and a hard-tail bridge. Vintage American Fender guitars are the most popular, but pre-1990 Fender Japan guitars are now highly regarded as well, so choose wisely.

from £72.95