We’ve all tried it at least once, heck I tried it twice to not only make a, and I emphasis the ‘a’ part, friend. I also had some pretty entertaining moments. A friend of mine recently got told-off for being an attention seeking you-know-what for not replying to a message.

Whether Tinder helped you find true love, or possibly temporary love, for new users wondering whether they should sign up, then you always want to know the reviews before you buy a product right? So here are the best reviews on Tinder from Google Play.

Tinder is never on time

tinder 1

No expectation is a good expectation


tinder 2

No catfishing here…


tinder 3

It’s not the size of the image that matters…

size matter

tinder 4

The ‘I’m a lady’ user

im a lady

tinder 5

Ain’t nobody got time for that…  


tinder 6

You’ve changed Tinder

9452037f07b6dc4647498f65ed84faed2b010dd587a19d0095afbbb7b6c86bcbtinder 7

Is this thing on?


tinder 8