The Heist poster

Are you ready to explore something new and exciting? At this party, your choices decide your fate as The Heist takes place in London on Friday 4th October.

Featuring DJ Hype, Slamboree Soundsystem, Pomba Girls, Ekula, DJ Yung Singh, Kaala B2B ELMER and only 150 tickets in total available. The Heist is a new interactive party that is sure to become a hit!

Pomba dancers
Pomba Girls

Will you get away with the vault’s treasures and celebrate to a world-beating lineup of DJs? Or will you face a lengthy jail term with Her Majesty’s Prison Service?

Picture this… A series of 5 hidden chambers within the venue containing weird and wonderful characters for you to explore. Hidden chambers feature a thumping soundtrack & cast of 8 actors + puzzle-like scenarios for you to conquer – think London Dungeons meets surreal nightclub! A briefing with London’s most notorious gang boss, a bank vault raid & if you’re unlucky (or outsmarted) a run-in with the justice system. Noir themed set design + costumed dancers and a whopping 6+ hours of Bass, DnB, Jungle, Breakbeat & Electro Swing…

Sounds awesome right? Dam straight it is. The event takes place at Colab House, 55 Southwark St, London SE1 1RU and doors open at 10.30pm. Ticket prices start from £8 and are sure to sell out.

For more information visit The Heist on Facebook or go straight to Resident advisor to book your tickets NOW!!! 

Images via @lizmakesphotos