The highly anticipated Inbetweeners movie came to cinemas last week and generated a tremendous £13.2 million in the first five days of its screening, making it the biggest opening for a UK comedy.

The film surpassed sales of previous record holder Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason which was released in 2004 and generated £10.4 million.

The British movie beat current American blockbusters The Smurfs and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, showing that the UK movie industry is gaining more power than we could have ever hoped for.

I was one of the audience members in the first week of the movie release and I for one was not disappointed in what I saw. Jay, Simon, Will and Neil head to Malia for a boys holiday. Simon is heartbroken after breaking up with the love of his life Carly and becomes rather crazy as he imagines that he can see her wherever he goes. Neil’s character shines in the movie as he drops many hilarious one-liners and busses some serious dance moves.

Jay’s character is slightly too exaggerated in the film but makes me laugh nonetheless, especially when he nearly gets beaten up in a club and begins to cry. He later calls Simon a cry baby as he is still moping over Carly, to which Neil intervenes, saying “No Jay, you were crying, remember?!” Will steps up the charm in the movie and you can’t help but hope that he gets the girl of his dreams, which keeps you in suspense until the last half of the film.

The movie has received large praise and producer Chris Young said he is “thrilled” the film has done so well. He said: “We really want to thank all the cinema goers out there who have made the film such a huge success.”

The positive reviews have left viewers wanting more, which has led to rumours of a sequel. However, James Buckley (Jay) thinks a sequel would ruin the magic. He said: “I don’t really think there is much scope for a sequel, I’m not sure where we can go with it. No one wants to see the Inbetweeners older and mature… I think it’s got to be the end of the Inbetweeners which is really sad.”

What do you think; would you like to see a sequel?