The amazing Py was actually featured in Future Flavours in January and so I just had to get an interview with this amazing vocalist. In that ilk of artists who are creative artists Py’s package is an all encompassing aural and visual feast immersing an audience in her rather emotive ethereal world. Her current track Swimming Slow soaks you in feel good vibes and soulful harmonies-I absolutely love this track.

Py is definitely an artists for 2014-the only question is, what does she have coming up-let’s find out!? Ok, well of course I have to ask about the name Py, where is it from and is it your real name?

It is! It is the beginning of my surname and is also my nickname.

I cannot lie, I first heard of you this year but give me some info on the people that you have worked with and toured with?

I made a mix-tape with some friends of mine and self released it, I worked with Throwing Snow, George Fitzgerald, Raffertie, Breton, Damu, Greenwood Sharps and iO. I wanted to create a mixtape from a vocalist’s perspective; the voice is the thread that flows through rather than genre or bpm. Since then I have got to work with more of my favourite producers such as Lapalux, Claude Von Stroke and more recently T.I.P. Now I just need to work with Skream, Hudson Mohawke and Timbaland, I would very happy.

Putting it mildly I am sure. So musically, where do you place your sound (forgive the wish to put your sound in a box)?

I class my voice as my ‘sound’; I don’t feel like I need to squish it into something. It is bittersweet. There is a dark-edge to my tracks that contrasts with hooky pop influenced top lines and harmonies layered like an army of voice. The production is electronic and bassy, I like using live samples and field recordings.

PY 2

Where are you from (area) did it influence your music?

Hitchin, Hertforshire, I used to go to a lot of free parties round there, so have always had a love for dance music. However, I did most of my growing up in Brighton, where every kind of music was everywhere.

What has been the stand out moment for you in your career so far?

I recently got to work with Maya Jane-Coles. She is the first female producer I have worked with, which is incredibly refreshing. She is not only extremely talented but also kind, it was a real pleasure working with her.

Swimming Slow sounds like a traumatic break up. Would you be able to explain the ideas behind your tracks?

It’s one of my first songs, which for me isn’t about love and relationships directly, whether they are personal relationships or family ones. It’s about not being quite sure of where you are in the world and how you fit, it’s about finding yourself, but realising as you do you inevitably change again. It’s a pretty deep one. I like the idea that someone can pinpoint his or her own scenario onto it and I facilitate that. Quite a few people have heard a love song in it others have found something else.

If you can quantify, how much do you give of yourself emotionally when writing and performing your songs?

Most of myself, I guess that’s why I have taken my time writing! I always find the song is stronger the more honest I am. Although sometimes that is a difficult process!

Are your songs based on mostly personal experiences indeed is it catharsis?

Yes, mostly experiences, or friend’s experiences or stuff going on around me. At first it was more of an outlet now I try to keep it interesting for people to hear. I don’t want to wallow too much. But I do find melodies just coming out of me, often in the shower rather than sitting down to write one.

Your single dropped on the 10th of March but what else is lined up?

I want to create a sort of night or residency involving other artists, not only musicians but video makers and designers too, a place for my friends to get involved and show their talents and collaborations. My background is in music and visual arts so the aesthetic of how everything looks and feels influences the way I write.