midas-sairaEvery now and then, you‘ll try and run out of the house with odd socks on; or find two Smarties strangely joined together. And then you find a talented UK artist on the dancehall scene – only this time it seems to make sense. With the Urban Music Award for best newcomer to his name, Mr Midas has certainly proved that his music is more than worthy of a vote or two. Two years later, and he’s still doing his thing. Always wanting to know the latest, Flavour caught-up with the underground dancehall sensation to get the lowdown on his soon-to-be-released single, talk clothing lines and the future.

You’re a UK bashment artist, it’s not something you hear everyday. What made you get into that genre of music?
It’s crazy because, I grew-up on dancehall. In school I had my Clarks and my string vest. I’ve always grown-up on it. It’s always made sense for me. I’m half Jamaican and half Bajan. But family wise I’ve always kind of been more in my Jamaican side. Reggae music just always made sense to me.

I’m quite interested to know where you got the name Mr Midas from.
Funny you know. That’s the one question I always get asked. I actually got my name from a girl. She just gave me the name. She said I had the Midas touch, and it just kind of stuck.

You won the Urban Music Awards for best newcomer, and not to mention, had the most downloads from the Choice FM pod cast. How important is winning, and coming first to you?
Do you know what it’s not so much…I want to say winnings important to me but appreciation is more important to me. I work very very hard and I’ve worked hard for my career for a long time. I’m not new in the game. I’ve done many different things. There’s been loads of different angels. I manage myself, I’m unsigned and all the releases I’ve got-out are from my own label. Also the pod cast, when I actually first found out I thought they got it wrong. I didn’t even realise that over 100,000 people just wanted to hear me. So, all of those kind of things I take that as appreciation.

Tell me about your single Midas ft David B (produced by JD aka Dready)?
It’s kind of like a re-introduction of me. The song’s self-titled Midas, so it’s about me as an artist. This is who I am. It’s also about me as an entertainer. And that’s what my music’s all about. It’s all about entertaining.

You not so long ago launched the MR clothing line as part of a collaboration with Want Respect to promote safer sex. How did you get involved with the campaign?
I just met them at the Urban Music Awards. They gave me a wrist band, and I did a picture and I put it up on my myspace. And they contacted me and said they really appreciated it. Had a meeting. And yeah- it sort of went from there.

Did you enjoy the designing process?
Yeah, yeah. I’m a very creative person. It’s mad because… (he pauses to think) I can’t believe I’m telling you this …

Go on- You can tell Flavour.
… But I used to do Textiles in school … I loved designing. I even designed my own clothes. I’ve designed a few ranges of my own clothes and they’ve all sold-out.

And finally, what else should we be expecting from Mr Midas in the future?
So obviously look out for the single and video. My videos are being done in association with Big Bands (The Record label). I’m actually starting-up a production talk TV production company as well called Gold Touch TV, and right now we’re just concentrating on banging out the tunes on all the online media’s. I did a tune yesterday actually with Sticky. Sticky produced Donaoe, Ms Dynamite, Tubby T and Stush. So look out for that. Look out for me on BET; I’m doing an advert for Footlocker. Also, I’ve got a competition in association with Storm where I’m giving away an MK2 watch on my MySpace. This is what I call the night rider watch… (showing me the watch)

Should we be expecting a Mr Midas clothing line?
I’d love to. I’d really want to start a clothing line but to be honest with you right now but I’m stretched as it is… So when I’ve got a month that’s not too hectic then I’ll just design another range and just put it out.

Words by Eshe Challenger


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