Several people at a festival under the blue sky

Summer is already here, meaning it’s time for another slate of incredible music festivals. Getting ready for a music festival is always exciting, as it’s the perfect excuse to refresh the wardrobe to make sure you’re looking on point.

With this in mind, we’ve put together the following guide for picking out your 2023 music festival style.

Statement Sunglasses

If you’re lucky, the sun will be blazing for the festival. Unless you want to look like a squinting mess, get yourself some statement sunglasses. As you’re at a music festival, you’ll want to go as loud as possible with this one, so think of large frames that will become part of your signature look. If you’re struggling to choose the perfect style, check out this list.

man wearing black framed sunglasses

Loud Shirts

Festivals are the perfect place to let out your quirky personality, so don’t be afraid to bring the noise when picking out a shirt. Think eye-catching patterns and noisy coloured shirts that tell everyone you’re there to have fun. When choosing your shirt, make sure you give thought to the type of material. After all, it’s going to be hot, and you won’t want to be stuck in cheap materials that will make you look like a sweaty mess.

Trendy Shorts

Even though letting loose is a large part of festival life, you still need to remember to wear a trendy pair of shorts. A great choice for festivals is cargo shorts, and they’re very in fashion for 2023. These will have enough pockets to store all your essentials and they’ll leave you feeling breezy.

If the festival you’re going to is by the beach, then remember to take along those designer swim trunks you’ve been itching to wear. When it comes to choosing the right swim shorts, you need to make sure they’re tight enough and feel comfortable.

Man wearing a white tank top and black and white plaid shorts

Comfy Footwear

You’re going to be on your feet for a very long time, so it’s important to make sure you’re wearing comfy footwear. Naturally, you may not want to wear your thick comfy walking boots during the sweltering heat, but that doesn’t mean you need to step out in flimsy footwear. According to Rolling Stone, these are the best shoes to wear at a festival.

Remember Festival Luggage

Most people forget all about luggage when it comes to a festival but it’s going to complete you, which means you should give some thought to what you take. When you factor in everything you need to take including tents, clothing, and novelty accessories, there’s no better solution than a backpack. You won’t destroy your shoulders or look like you’re struggling too much, which will work wonders for your overall image. There are countless backpacks on the market, so choosing a brand is down to personal choice.

Music festivals are exciting because they allow you to show off your personality to the fullest extent, which often means a shopping trip. Make sure you look great and stay comfortable by following the guide above.

Images via Unsplash