Dance duo Major are back with their second single ‘Romeo’. The new track set for release on September 16 is a catchy re-work of the Donna Summer classic and also showcases the girl’s bi-lingual skills. We sat down with the sisters to discuss their new single, their inspirations and what they have coming up.

You have a new single ‘Romeo’, tell us about it?
Elsa: It’s an amazing cover of the late Donna Summer. We are obviously huge fans, the hair, the make-up, the nails, everything.
Irene: The song is all about love. Funny enough the song was recorded before the late Donna Summer passed away and also before ‘Love Me Boy’ (their debut single), so in bringing it out now it’s a tribute to her. We love her. I was literally stalked the guy (Pete Bellotte who wrote and produced the original song) to cover the song (laughs).

Are you huge fans of Donna summer then?
Irene: Yes of course, I mean who wasn’t.
Elsa: All the love songs, her as a performer was just outstanding. I mean all she had to do on stage was sing (they both sing love to love you baby).
Irene: She is up there with the Diane Ross’s, The Chakka Khan. We love that Glamour era. Anything big, anything beautiful. I wish I was born in that era actually.

New 2The video was shot in a car wash was that fun to film?
Irene: It was very fun to film and it was so hot.
Elsa: I have discovered I have a new hobby since we filmed that video I’ve been washing cars a lot (laughs). But that day was beautiful, the sun was out.
Irene: Guess what we had boys, we had boys, we had real boys! (laughs)

Your debut single was called ‘Love Me Boy’ and this single is ‘Romeo’ I’m sensing a bit of a pattern, are you looking for love?
Elsa: Who isn’t, let just put it this way I’m single and ready to mingle. Obviously I wish I had Prince Harry (laughs)
Irene: Looking to mingle, not so much for me. I’m window shopping.
Elsa: She watches but she doesn’t touch.

The last time Flavourmag spoke to you, you said you would like to collaborate with PSY, did you manage to get a hold of him for a feature or to teach you the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance?
Elsa: We haven’t met him but PSY if you’re reading this I had my phase where I was very into Korean guys anyway so that would be interesting (laughs) .
Irene: We tweet about him but hopefully in the future we can meet him!

Who would you like to work with now?
Elsa: Madonna! I mean the bigger the better!
Irene: Our idols are Madonna and Gaga, all the greats. Madonna does not fear judgment. There are some artists who are scared to reveal themselves but she really doesn’t care and we are like that.
Elsa: The reason why we like Madonna because it’s very hard to look around and see an artist who a built a long career. It’s amazing!

So when can we expect an album soon?
Irene: Hopefully soon, we have so many songs. It is a matter of choosing what should come next and who we want to collaborate with. So by doing this slowly it’s giving us that opportunity. We are also waiting for Uncle Simon to come along! But it should be kind of mid next year. Watch this space!

We also found out before the interview started that you really like you’re Afro-beats?
Elsa: That’s more me. At heart I’m a rock chick but I love my African beats and my African roots. The Azonto came along. It’s amazing to be in the club in the UK and see everyone doing the dance. I’m so proud being from Cameroon and seeing everyone love African music.

But your style of music is dance?
Irene: Well everything, we also listen to pop and hip-hop..Rihanna, Kanye, Jay-Z. Our next song is a ballad. It’s kind of Emelie Sande like but not the same voice (laughs)

Now your both bi-lingual having grown up in France & London. Do you think you might do a French single one day?
Irene: Romeo does start in French from the beginning. But maybe one day we’ll have a whole song in French I mean people have been asking for it. So maybe one day we’ll go in that direction.

You’re both often been described as eccentric, do you love going against the norm?
Elsa: Nobody’s knows how long we’ll be here for and quirkiness adds a bit of spiciness to life. The world would be a very boring place; I mean life is too short.
Irene: I don’t think I decided to be eccentric, this is just me. It’s us, crazy! Honestly we won’t change when we go home, were not playing an’s real and people see that.

New 1
What is next for Major? You’ve both done modelling and acting in the past is there any more of this in the future?
Irene: There could be a reality show about us, so people can know more about us. So Watch out!
Elsa: But Major will be taking over the world!
Irene: The only way is up for Major. We don’t know where were going but we know it’s gonna be bigger than life. We’ve been blessed with this opportunity so we can only go up.

Finally anything you’d like to tell the Flavourmag readers?
Elsa: Thank you to Flavormag, this is going somewhere so just jump on board with this and we’ll make it big.
Irene: Thanks to all the majorettes for supporting and watch out. Also go to and follow us on Twitter @MajorMusicHQ


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