Former X Factor band The Risk are gearing up for the release of their debut single ‘Missles’ this month followed by a debut album in summer 2013.

Ahead of the groups release we got them down to ICandy Studios to go head-to-head in a session that we called ‘The Riff Off’! We gave them a subject to cover which was songs about LOVE and they each had to take it in turns to give it their best shot.

Watch the video and let us know who you think. Who won out of Charlie Healy, Andy Merry, Ashford Campbell and Derry Mensah. At the beginning the group do a warm-up with Singer Friend App.

‘Missiles’ will be released on January 27, 2013. Follow The Risk on Twitter @theriskoffic

App-tastic: Singer Friend app review

With the success of modern singing soap operas – think Smash and GLEE – everyone is fed up with reality stars and their lack of real skill. If you’re going to get into the music business, or even just enjoy singing but hate your voice, then there’s an app for that. It’s like having your own singing teacher but without paying for the expensive lessons. You can choose the range, scale, speed and patterns to suit any level of singer. There’s help with technique, warm-ups and performance, so even if you just want to surprise someone special on their birthday, there’s help here for you. The app costs just over £3 from the Apple store and can be used for male or female divas and karaoke stars. While this doesn’t actually turn you into Beyonce, it doesn’t hurt to work on your real skills before reaching for the RnB halo with free designer clothes. Even if the only benefit is that your dog doesn’t join in when you sing in the shower, it’s worth the investment.

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Photography by Simon Howard, Filming and editing by Charlie Massey