One man changed the history of aviation. What did he influence, and how? Watch the video for answers.

If Santa was the C.E.O of an airline, everyday would feel like Christmas right? Sure it would. He would make sure the food is great, the plane would have bells and whistles and ornaments to make you feel homely.

The seats would be ever so comfortable and the children would love the flight as well as the adults. Flying would be a breeze and travelling would be ever so simple. Why? Well only someone like Santa, who’s know how to visits billions on homes in one night can make the aviation industry a treat.

FINNAIR is one of the most innovative, safest and longest- operating airlines in the world, established in 1923. In recent years it has become a major airline in traffic between Asia and Europe, connecting 15 destinations in Asia to over 80 destinations in Europe. Finnair’s mission is to offer the smoothest connections in the northern hemisphere via Helsinki and the fastest and best network to the world from its home market.

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