We are always a little dubious when I’m testing wireless bluetooth speakers but was completely suprised when I played the Spaced360, as I’m the type of person that has come from the old skool and I’m akin to having huge speakers in my living room and I’m simply not a fan of nowadays tiny small speakers.

Spaced360I like playing my music very loud. I like to feel the bass line vibrating my bones. I love to actually hear all the effort the musicians have put into a track and to be honest you can only do this by playing it on a real stereo system.

However once I opened the space 360 box I was surprised. The cool design and 3 speaker system with ‘airSOUND™ Technology’ got me all excited. I just couldn’t wait to turn it on and turn it on I did.

The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to connect to my phone via Bluetooth. A couple of clicks and BAM, I was connected.

I placed it in on my circle shaped dining table as I wanted to do a 360 (pun intended) walk around the speaker to hear what it sounds like.

Was I impressed? Is the sky blue? The answer is yes and yes. The spaced 360 is a performer. Loud enough to give you the essence of having a tall standing speaker. Small enough to pop in a bag and bring to a park on a picnic.

I was very impressed by the bass and the quality of the sound. I was even more impressed when a few friends popped over and they all asked “What’s that?”. The spaced 360 is a talking point, it’s an ice breaker. It doesn’t look like the other wireless speakers on the market and you can choose a fancy cover to place over your spaced 360 to jazz it up. I went for the ultra bright yellow as it looks futuristic and stands out in my apartment.

You can buy the Spaced360 on John Lewis and below is the (not so) boring technical information.

Listen and you will see.

By Leonard Foster

spaced 360 - yellow

What’s in the Box?

1 x Spaced360™ wireless portable speaker

  • a) Centre Key
  • b) Control Key: volume up, down and mute
  • c) Micro USB port (for updates only, not charging)
  • d) Aux cable input
  • e) Base charger connection

1 x Base charger

1 x Aux cable (No Bluetooth®? Plug in old-school style with this cable)

Acoustics – Patented airSOUND™ Technology

3 x custom neodymium 2” full-range Drivers
3 x curved, mass-loaded Bass Radiators
3 x Class D amplifiers, 20W per channel
Frequency response: 75Hz to 18kHz

Bluetooth – Bluetooth® 2.1 with EDR, SBC & A2DP
aptX® low latency (<32msec)
Range: 10m (33’)
4 to 14 hour music playback
Lithium-ion internal battery pack
2 hour full charge time

Weight and Measures – Weight: 1.1kg
Max width: 22cm
Max depth: 19cm
Height: 8.8cm

NFC – Active NFC for simple Bluetooth® pairing

The Spaced360 retails at £250. Available from www.spaced360.com, John Lewis  in black and silver with a range of protective cases in seven striking colours for £30.