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Public interest in playing games is at an all-time high. Most of that interest is in online gaming and is connected with the wider shift to digital that society is undergoing.

When it comes to what types of online games people are zeroing in on, casino ones are among those attracting the highest numbers of players. There are over 2 billion gamers worldwide, so having even a fraction of that market means that casino games are being played by millions of people.

Although there has been no definitive research into why understanding the particular appeal of casino games is not rocket science. They have all of the excitement of other types of games, but also the added potential for winning money.

That explains their popularity then, but there are an awful lot of casino games for players to choose from. So what are the most exciting new ones to try playing in 2023?

Read on to find out.

Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus is a slot game that can be found at the Jackpotjoy casino site. In terms of overall popularity, slot games dominate the casino market and games developers are always creating new ones for the big online casino operators.

Not all of them are good, but this game most certainly is. It is the creation of Pragmatic Play, a company that is among the market leaders in casino game development.

This slot finds the firm on top form and is a sort of sequel to a slot called Sweet Bonanza that players responded to favourably. It takes one of the finest features of that game – the rainbow bomb multipliers that can greatly increase the payout for players – and supercharges it.

Instead of being available solely through the Free Spins bonus, these multipliers are part of the regular game in Gates of Olympus. They can multiply winnings by as much as 500-times.

The theme of Gates of Olympus is the gods of Ancient Greece, with Zeus brought to life very effectively in the colourful graphics. This slot still has the Free Spins bonus, but adds a Tumble Feature, where a winning reel icon vanishes and the others on that reel tumble down the screen to leave space for a new one.

It has the potential to trigger several wins from a single bet.

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

This is another brand new slot game that has hit online casinos this year. All you have to do to start playing is locate a casino site offering it, set up your account and start betting.

The theme of the game is the cartoon series Rocky and Bullwinkle. That might seem a little baffling and obscure to UK casino fans in 2023, but the clips that feature during the play will soon bring you up to speed on what it is all about.

One unusual aspect of this slot is its three-reel game grid, as most modern slots have five reels. There are nine pay lines to bet on though and a progressive jackpot to be won, so it can still be a real money-spinner.

However, the game primarily stands out for the theme. It has lots of enjoyable clips from the original 1950s-1960s cartoons, as well as audio impressions of the main characters.

Slots are about fun as well as money after all.

Apocalypse Returns Infectious X

The name does not make this slot sound all that appealing, but the chance of a payout of 5,000-times your wager shows that a slot game should never be judged on first impressions.

It is not just about the payouts with this game either. Another reason why it qualifies as one of the top 2023 games is the exciting theme.

That theme is zombies and the five reels feature plenty of icons to bring them to life – if that isn’t a contradiction in terms. They include a zombie – which serves as the wild reel icon for the game – various weapons, the hero, planes and helicopters.

The background imagery is of a decaying urban environment, so this is a slot that will appeal to anyone who loves dystopian horror movies. Bonus rounds include Free Spins and Infectious X Ways, both of which multiply potential wins.

This game is found at Bet365.

Let’s Make a Deal

This slot from IGT is based on a hit US game show and it features reel icons inspired by the prizes on offer in that show. So furniture, jewellery and household items are on the five reels.

There are also icons of dollar bills that are coloured blue. If one of them turns to gold after a spin, you will have the chance to make deals.

The standard deal is a simple choice between the value of the dollar bill icon and a mystery prize in a box. However, sometimes players get to try the Big Deal feature instead.

That changes the screen to one with three doors on it. Behind one of them is a progressive jackpot, so it is a matter of picking a door and hoping.

All of them have some sort of prize though, so nobody can really lose through this bonus. That makes it another great new game that is well worth anyone’s time and money.

Games like these show why so many people love online casino.

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