Launching next month, ‘The Tribes’ mission is to allow creative people; Artists, Musicians and designers to share their ideas and creations and turn them into a commercial reality. The concept is to bring together innovators, early adopters and investors to allow a unique opportunity for anybody to submit their ideas and gain guidance and security.

As an online version of the ‘Dragons Den’ (albeit without the judgement and yelling!), everybody’s ideas are considered and can benefit from the advice of ‘The Tribe’ community.

‘The Tribe’ will be holding regular competitions to encourage talented individuals to generate new ideas, concepts and artistic projects.

The first competition launching on the 22nd September 2010 will be a worldwide design competition for merchandise including T-Shirts and bags. This will be a fantastic opportunity for designers, artists and creatives of all types to submit their ideas for; the first prize is an amazing £10,000!